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Show solution is a solution integrated with box office solutions or working independent with manual data reporting using a login or using an interface API. This is developed as industry standard solution maintaining the identity of theatres and ATRAC is only a service provider. The services of the software can be rendered by all the stake holders. This web based solution along with provides transparency of reporting of Box office collection of theatres to Distributors, Producers and Tax authorities.

  1. The stake holders of business are
    1. The Theatres
    2. The Distributor
    3. The Producer
    4. The LSG – Entertainment Tax
      • Municipality
      • Panchayat
      • Corporation
  2. Roles of the Stake holder in keeping with the software solution provided.
    1. The Theatre
      • Shall implement atrac E- Ticketing system in the theatre
      • Shall Publish DCR for view of stake holders
      • Shall manually publish DCR for the stake holder using the login in showsolutions.in if the theaters are using proprietary software. ATRAC provides API to integrate the software showsolutions.
    2. The Distributor
      • Shall view DCR published of all theatres of any show distributed by him if the theatre is associated with showsolutions.
    3. The Producer
      • Showsolutions producer login will get the view of the DCR published by the theatres of any show the movie produced.
      • Independent Module INFOMOV is provided for registration of Synopsis along with CAST and Crew.
    4. The LSG
      • Shall view real time seating of the movie theatre as per ticket issued in theatres.
      • Shall view DCR of all theatres of any show
      • Shall view the stock of physical sealed ticket and Electronic Ticket in the theatre.
      • Shall view the Seat allocated for E-Ticket for the vigilance
      • Shall view the E- ticket issued for Seat for the vigilance
      • CCTV camera or physical inspection can be used by the Vigilance for cross verification

Our systems collect and deliver box office results, attendance information from more than registered screens in theaters across the globe, delivering crucial theatrical revenue information — including weekend box office results.

Any stake holder can request for the services for this solution.

For more information Send email to sunil.ramarao@atrac.in